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We've moved!

We’ve moved!

Just curious…What do you drink throughout the day to hydrate? I am a hardcore coffee drinker (duh) but I have started to track my water intake at work (4 big cups yesterday, but struggling for 2 2today). I find that I feel a bit better when I up my water. What do you do?



Have You Missed Me?!


I know…I should be ashamed of myself! I was doing so good for the longest time, but then I fell off the face of the Earth. Well, at the end of December I got an amazing new full time job. It has consumed my life (along with podcasting and parenting and being an awesome wife etc), but I am back! I have been working on some ideas to revamp the good ‘ol blog and bring you some amazing new topics! I am also hoping to being you some guest bloggers to help keep me honest and spice things up!


So grab your bacon, a cuppa tea, and your favorite knitting needles because we are going into hyper drive around here!!