My New Job and My Attempt at a Work/Life Balance


As I have mentioned, the main reason that this poor blog has been a bit (or completely) neglected is because I got a new job. I am now working as a Staff Associate for the Kellen Company. We offer management support for professional and non-profit associations. This is basically my dream job! For the past through years I have really been drawn to wanting to work with groups like this and even almost went back to school for a Masters in Non Profit Management. This is not completely off of the table, but I need to get all 3 of these kids in school first!

Anywho! Within the company I divide my time over two very different clients, the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals and the Research Chef’s Association. I am a part of the certification team with SMRP, as well as tending to the day to day operations of the chapters and SIGs and managing sponsorships for our annual conference this October in Orlando! For the Research Chef’s Association I also work on the certification team, but have also taken on some additional duties within the Education Committee and Foundation. I actually just got back from their annual conference in Portland, Oregon about a week ago. It was a lot of hard work, but so much fun! I really need to go back.

The view from the rooftop bar at Departure Restaurant and Lounge

The view from the rooftop bar at Departure Restaurant and Lounge

PortlandI had been looking for a full time position for about 3 years when I stumbled across the posting for this position. I was flabbergasted when I got a request for a phone interview…and even more so when I found out that they wanted to bring me in for a face to face interview. Once they offered me the position I was all in, and quickly moved to panic mode. We needed day care STAT! We only have one not awesome car and this was a solid hour-ish commute each way. The dress code is Corporate Casual and I certainly haven’t dressed corporate in ages…I even had to Google what Corporate Casual meant! It is basically a step down from having to wear a suit every day, but I have learned that there is a lot of freedom with that.

Well as expected everything fell into place. I found a day care to get us started. I tested different leaving times to avoid traffic and even worked it out that I could come in and leave early. I also picked up a few odds and ends with my Christmas money to help get me by in the clothing department.

Now that I have been with Kellen for 3 months I feel like I am starting to hit a good daily routine. Everyone (even the little kids) know their role in the morning and afternoon. We have only had to miss a few extra activities with my oldest’s school, but we have been able to hit some great ones. I still feel like I am struggling to get my personal extra items (friend time, blogging, crafting, etc) but I am slowly coming around.

That is one reason I have made revamping my blog a priority. Also, since taking this job I have started to become highly interested in professional fashion, and fashion in general. I spend way too much of my time Pinning pretty outfits (you can find them HERE). I am way into polka dots and flowing skirts right now. I enjoy figuring out what I am going to wear each day and trying to make myself look nice even if it is just jeans and a simple top with a scarf. And some days are a struggle, like this past Friday. I felt like my shirt looked nice at home, but when I got to work it was strangling me and short. I threw on the fleece I keep in my cube and called it a day! You can’t always sweat the small stuff.

I still worry that my kids aren’t getting enough of my attention. I struggle when I see things that I 100% would have done for/with them when I was a SAHM (swim team, summer reading class, play dates with friends!). In the end I do know that this is best, because I was NOT happy as a SAHM. I needed to be able to do more with my day than watch PBS, make peanut butter and jelly rollups, and make it through Target without spending $100! I wan’t happy. Now I feel very fulfilled in being able to do it all. Well maybe not everything. My house is still a disaster and my youngest is not taking well to potty training this weekend! Cest La Vie!

Well that’s enough for now! Time to grab a fresh cup o’ coffee, fold the 4+ loads of laundry that are waiting for me, and to figure out what to make for dinner…maybe I should even scrub a bathroom or two. NAH! 😉