BOOm!!! The time has come!


WELCOME!! This is my new blog Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated!

I blog about:

FOOD! I am living a mostly Paleo lifestyle these days some most recipes will be of that nature, but occasionally others will sneak in because we all deserve a cheat day or two.

CRAFTS! I have always been a crafter (scrapbooks, sorority crafts (Go Chi-O!), and the ever popular child’s tutu) but I am expanding! Over the past year I have been trying to teach myself to sew and I recently became obsessed with painting. I am also NOT scared of glitter…

COFFEE!!! And tea, but mostly coffee. 95% of the time I am drinking coffee or green tea. I have a Starbucks obsession to be honest.

I will probably throw in some other random posts (like about my work with Susan G Komen or how crazy my kiddos are) but I am going to try and keep focus 🙂

Feedback is always welcome, but hatred is not. Find another spot to be cranky other than my blog. Every mama deserves their therapy!


Thanks for coming,

Anne Marie