Summer Reading

We've moved!

We’ve moved!

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The internet seems all abuzz with people talking about what they are reading this summer and I guess that makes sense. Summer seems to be a time when things slow down and there is more time to read. There are car trips and beach trips which lend themselves perfectly to getting engulfed in a good (or trashy!) story.

Unfortunately this year it looks like I am busier than ever! Even with the break from school activities I am still a full time working lady with 3 kids and an amazing husband…and a lot of pregnant friends! This weekend alone I went to 2 baby showers! I don’t think that I am going to be dipping my tootsies in any beach sand this summer, so I am trying to to get my reading in how I can, through audio books!

I recently started using Audible about a month ago when I really wanted to “read” the Wicked series. I do a Once Upon a Time fan podcast  and the Wicked Witch and Oz were pretty important this spring I wanted to learn more about the world.

Since setting up my Audible account I have read Wicked, started The Husband’s Secret, and am nearing the end of Dogboy: Den of Thieves and it has made my commutes fly! It’s not so bad sitting in Atlanta traffic when you have something interesting to listen to.

I’ve decided to giveaway ONE free audiobook code to Audible. Enter below in the Rafflecopter (ending on June 25th). GOOD LUCK and make sure to tell me what book you are going to download.

Dogboy: Den of Thieves By Bill Meeks

Dogboy: Den of Thieves By Bill Meeks

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Apparently I Need to Drink More Coffee…and a Giveaway


This week the unthinkable happened…I was basically told that I do not drink enough coffee.


Me in my natural habitat!

Me in my natural habitat!

While recording a podcast (Greetings From Storybrooke) I was a little sleepy and yawned a bit. I was also suffering from a VERY high pollen day here in Georgia (pollen is evil!) so I had the sniffles on top of the yawning. Neither of these make for very interesting podcast listening so I apologized profusely to our listeners because I typically have a dose of caffeine before recording! Unfortunately, one listener called me out on it on our blog!

My feelings were hurt! My co-host and I both apologized in the comments and apologized on our next show! I was even a bit embarrassed because I do claim to be a Highly Caffeinated person!  I even record my caffeine intake! Seriously!

A few weeks ago I saw a post from 2 Wired 2 Tired. She posted a review for a phone app called Up Coffee. I was highly entertained! You enter all of your caffeine intake over the course of the day and it tells you how “Wired” you are! It also tracks where you are in relation to being “Sleep Ready.” It can also be linked to a Jawbone Up which I was unfamiliar with.

Per the Verizon website it does the following:

  • Track activity, calories burned and sleep quality
  • Wear around your wrist in the pool or shower
  • Access your information from your mobile device and set goals

I think that this sounds super cool and like something I may have to put on my wishlist!

In case you are curious the Up Coffee app rated me as a Heavy Drinker!

Heavy Drinker

Like there was ever a doubt…

I am moving on past having my feelings hurt. I need to learn not to take EVERYTHING so seriously! So to show that there are no hard feelings I am going a COFFEE giveaway! Leave me a comment with a link to your favorite brand of coffee and next week I will send out a bag of Whole Bean Dunkin’ Donuts coffee! Entries end 4/14/14 at NOON EST.


This post is sponsored by no one! I just wanted to share my feelings and my love for coffee and cool apps with others. If you would LIKE to sponsor a post email me at

Tweet A Coffee Coolness


In October 2013 Starbucks launched an amazing program…Tweet-A-Coffee. You could literally send someone a Starbucks gift card via tweet! By simply typing “@tweetacoffee to @________” they would receive $5 gift card. Or you can go to the Starbucks website and Tweet-a-Coffee from there and include a little message. I have yet to participate in this awesome program on either the giving or receiving end I completely plan on doing so in the near future! It is always nice to say Thank You with an amazing coffee! In fact I can think of no better way to thank my readers than to send one random reader a coffee! I think it will even be a Christmas present! To enter please leave a comment on this blog with your Twitter handle and your favorite Starbucks blend. 

Talk soon!
Anne Marie


DISCLOSURE: This post is purely my own awesome opinion. I am getting nothing from Starbucks. I am just an avid fan who thinks this program is cool and wanted to give away a gift card.