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I recently added Crunchy, Crafty and Highly Caffeinated to Bloglovin’ I am new to this whole service, but I am having a blast finding some new blogs to read and learn from.


Do you have a favorite? Tell me about it!!


Check me out!

Check me out!



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The Pin It Party!!


During my de-stress time at work (aka my lunch break) I decided to look into Bloglovin’ to expand my blog knowledge and reading. I entered the few blogs that I already check out and I got some amazing suggestions!! The one that has stood out the most is Creative Geekery.

This blog just screams me!!

Creative √

Geek √

So I went and checked it out. Ellie is fantastic!! One of the main things that I found from her blog is the idea of Pintrest Parties.

The Pin It Party - Creative Geekery

The Pin It Party – Creative Geekery

These are parties where you can add some of your most pin-able blog posts to a large list to have some great exposure. (I added some of my favorites #StitchFixFriday, That’s a Spicy Meat-a-ball, and Sunday Dinner During the Week)

Please go take a look at the great ideas that are posted and let me know which is your favorite. There are almost 90 right now and it is still open for 2 days!



UPDATE and NEW DATES: A Preview of The Mom Conference – April 7-14


UPDATE: This event was originally called The Mom Summit, but they have decided to alter the name and dates of the now Mom Conference. Please let me know if you have any questions! Now, on to the original post minus some name and date changes!

This past week a post came up in my Facebook feed telling me about an event. I get my fair share of fundraisers and park date birthday parties (my social butterflies have two this weekend), but rarely is there something that sparks my interest. But this…this got me…The Mom Conference.

At first I thought that it was going to be a conference like BlogHer and cost more money than I have to spend, and involve me traveling which I do not want to do right now. I almost scrolled on by, but then I saw the magic word. You all know it. When you see it you feel like the heavens open up and sing to you…FREE! Well that was enough for me! I clicked on the event and checked things out.

Mom Conference

Sign Up here!

“The Mom Conference is a FREE, online event taking place from April 7- April 14th. It’s gonna be more fun than shopping in your flannel PJs and fuzzy slippers while getting a massage… and more educational than having Dr. Spock, Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz hanging out in your living room!”

Hmmm…if you look past the slightly cheesy comparisons there was hope there. I read on. 

“The Mom Conference is 7 days of online presentations from the world’s most informative, successful, intelligent, super-lovely moms, who are all willing to show you their tips and tricks…

You’ll go from SUPER MOM to SUPER DUPER MOM with the information that these moms are going to share!”

SOLD! Where do I sign up?! Well the answer to that is by clicking HERE. I entered my name and my email and BOOM! I’m all signed up. Confirmation email in my inbox lickity split. They even shared 5 bonus videos with me with topics ranging from Tips and Tricks For Awesome Hair by twistmepretty.com to Find Clothes That Fit Your Body Type by chiconashoestring.com.

Now there is one catch…presentations for each day are only available for 24 hours. So from 10:00am EST to 9:59am EST you can access them, but after that you will have to purchase. I think that is more than fair, but if you happen to miss some of the presentations you can purchase the entire Mom Conference Package HERE. I am really looking forward to seeing all of the amazing presentations that they have scheduled. There are a few presenters that I follow already and so many more that I am looking to become addicted to!

I am planning on doing a bit of a wrap up at the end of the Conference. I will tell you about my favorite presentation each day and what I thought of the conference overall.

Sign up for the FREE Mom Conference HERE and get access to 30+ presentations from April 7 – April 14.

Have You Missed Me?!


I know…I should be ashamed of myself! I was doing so good for the longest time, but then I fell off the face of the Earth. Well, at the end of December I got an amazing new full time job. It has consumed my life (along with podcasting and parenting and being an awesome wife etc), but I am back! I have been working on some ideas to revamp the good ‘ol blog and bring you some amazing new topics! I am also hoping to being you some guest bloggers to help keep me honest and spice things up!


So grab your bacon, a cuppa tea, and your favorite knitting needles because we are going into hyper drive around here!!


BOOm!!! The time has come!


WELCOME!! This is my new blog Crunchy, Crafty, and Highly Caffeinated!

I blog about:

FOOD! I am living a mostly Paleo lifestyle these days some most recipes will be of that nature, but occasionally others will sneak in because we all deserve a cheat day or two.

CRAFTS! I have always been a crafter (scrapbooks, sorority crafts (Go Chi-O!), and the ever popular child’s tutu) but I am expanding! Over the past year I have been trying to teach myself to sew and I recently became obsessed with painting. I am also NOT scared of glitter…

COFFEE!!! And tea, but mostly coffee. 95% of the time I am drinking coffee or green tea. I have a Starbucks obsession to be honest.

I will probably throw in some other random posts (like about my work with Susan G Komen or how crazy my kiddos are) but I am going to try and keep focus 🙂

Feedback is always welcome, but hatred is not. Find another spot to be cranky other than my blog. Every mama deserves their therapy!


Thanks for coming,

Anne Marie