About me and this page


Ah the blog…the trendy modern reincarnation of the diary…that you share with the whole world 😉 This version is going to share some of the rants and raves going on in my head mixed with some awesome paleo recipes and creative projects. There is going to be a little bit for everyone to enjoy. Constructive criticism is always welcome and appreciated, but if you are just going to personally attack me you can just leave.

Now for a little background about me. I am a 30 (gasp) year old mom of 3. I work full time for a professional association management company. I have an extremely cluttered and dusty house no matter how much I clean. My husband and I float back and forth between eating Paleo and loving bread and cheese. The dream is to move to a fully Paleo household, but the kids are very resistant…aka they LIVE on carbs and look at me like I have 3 heads if I put a veggie on their plates.

Seriously delicious and simple!

Seriously delicious and simple!

I will craft any chance I have…sewing, painting, modge podge, scrapbooking….any thing. I am an avid supporter of the Susan G. Komen Foundation in memory of my mother who lost her battle in 2009. I was a theatre major in college and miss it to no end. I co-host a podcast about the ABC shows Once Upon a Time and Once Upon a Time: Wonderland called Greetings from Storybrooke and will be starting one for FOX’s Gotham called Legends of Gotham. There is more caffeine in my blood than oxygen…until after work when it becomes beer (our regular non-paleo allowance).


Please ask questions. Questions start conversations and conversations are good.

Feel free to contact me  at crunchycraftyandcaffeinated@gmail.com

It was super fun to twirl in!!

It was super fun to twirl in!!


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