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Summer Reading

We've moved!

We’ve moved!

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The internet seems all abuzz with people talking about what they are reading this summer and I guess that makes sense. Summer seems to be a time when things slow down and there is more time to read. There are car trips and beach trips which lend themselves perfectly to getting engulfed in a good (or trashy!) story.

Unfortunately this year it looks like I am busier than ever! Even with the break from school activities I am still a full time working lady with 3 kids and an amazing husband…and a lot of pregnant friends! This weekend alone I went to 2 baby showers! I don’t think that I am going to be dipping my tootsies in any beach sand this summer, so I am trying to to get my reading in how I can, through audio books!

I recently started using Audible about a month ago when I really wanted to “read” the Wicked series. I do a Once Upon a Time fan podcast  and the Wicked Witch and Oz were pretty important this spring I wanted to learn more about the world.

Since setting up my Audible account I have read Wicked, started The Husband’s Secret, and am nearing the end of Dogboy: Den of Thieves and it has made my commutes fly! It’s not so bad sitting in Atlanta traffic when you have something interesting to listen to.

I’ve decided to giveaway ONE free audiobook code to Audible. Enter below in the Rafflecopter (ending on June 25th). GOOD LUCK and make sure to tell me what book you are going to download.

Dogboy: Den of Thieves By Bill Meeks

Dogboy: Den of Thieves By Bill Meeks

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Quick Question




We've moved!

We’ve moved!

Just curious…What do you drink throughout the day to hydrate? I am a hardcore coffee drinker (duh) but I have started to track my water intake at work (4 big cups yesterday, but struggling for 2 2today). I find that I feel a bit better when I up my water. What do you do?


Kids’ Popsicle Stick Crafts

We've moved!

We’ve moved!

We’ve been pretty busy over in this house with summer camp, doctor appointments, book releases, crafting, cooking, baby showers, and WORK! Here is a little weekend craft time I did with the kids. It started off as just the Diva (she is 4 going on 14) and me, but then the boys sensed the use of markers and insisted on creating with us. Who am I to stop their creativity?! I know I usually try to share tutorial style crafts, but this stuff was made up on the fly so there really aren’t many directions…but there are pictures!

It took me 3 tries to spell "Popsicle" correctly

It took me 3 tries to spell “Popsicle” correctly :-/

So we were trying to come up with something for my dad’s birthday as a present from the kids. While the kids are still little we try to do homemade gifts or pictures (Note to self: Get copies of spring pictures for the family).

My kids love to color, so we went with that (also, I will do anything to avoid paint while the little man is awake).

So I hot glued some sticks into a “square.” Sure, we talked about shapes and made this a little educational. I try. Really. But this barely looks like a square. Its all Wibbly-Wobbly (anyone…).

Then I glued some construction paper to the back of it and trimmed the excess. Not rocket science. At this point I had to start moving a little quicker…Liza was getting antsy to decorate.

Look how she is staring at the markers. You can almost sense her thinking “Mom, stop taking pictures and let me color!”

So her name is Eliza-Beth. We have called her Liza from day 1. Daycare calls her Eliza. She has now requested we call her Eliza. Per my father “She’ll always be Liza to me” and this present was for him so “L” was glued on. I have NO CLUE how you would do this with a curvy letter like Q. I am open to suggestions!

Finally I let her free to color! A large bag of crayons lives on our dining room table so that the kids can color whenever, but markers only get pulled out with supervision so they get excited. Of course by the time she started to decorate (and I thought I was going to clean up) the boys came in like a tornado. So I super quickly whipped up 2 more Initial decorations. Thankfully all 3 kids can have L’s (Liam, Liza, and London – 2/3 are nicknames) so I didn’t have to think too hard.

When they were all done I glued some ribbon to the back upper corners so that they could be hung up…when I eventually put them in a FedEx envelope and ship them to my dad. I am HORRIBLE about putting things in the mail!

The final masterpieces!! Notice “Eliza” on the top of her picture…

Well by the time they were done with these they were in full on crafting mode so Mommy had to think quick. So I just started gluing together popsicle sticks and ended up with little houses that stood on their own. Don’t ask me how I did it. There were 3 kids chomping at the bit so there are no step by step pictures, but I got a couple of them coloring them. I’m actually pretty proud that they stood on their own.

We, of course, needed refreshments by this point. Juice and cheapo fruit snacks anyone?

So there are my simple popsicle stick crafts to do with the kids this summer. Tomorrow we are making cupcakes for Father’s Day. I will try to get some pictures of my kids fighting over who gets to dump the flour in and who gets to stir…and something spilling somewhere. What projects are you doing with the kids on break?

Try these –  Bat Hair Bow or Coconut Oil Chocolates.

Using Up Fabric Scraps

We've moved!

We’ve moved!

So this past weekend I was determined to craft. I had been pretty neglectful to the “Crafty” portion of this website. So I went on a mission to find something to do and I came across a plain, white picture frame that I bought in college…and never even put a picture in it. Now the curious part of this is WHY have I held on to this picture frame for approximately 10 years (and no less than 5 moves)?!

My Set Up

So I grabbed my ModgePodge, a paint brush, some scraps of fabric, and glitter…because you never know when you will need glitter…and then I stared. And I put on Big Love on my iPad. And then I started chopping up the fabric and covering the frame with ModgePodge.

Now I had no science or plan with this. I just knew that I wanted to use all of this stuff on something!

Step 1 – ModgePodge the frame…well at least one side of the frame since the MP dries so quick.

My ModgePodge loaded brush

My ModgePodge loaded brush

Step 2 – Chop up my fabric scraps and start placing them around the frame. I did my best to shop the pieces into different shapes and sizes so that there would be some variety.

Like pen to paper...or fabric to frame

Like pen to paper…or fabric to frame

Step 3 – Then I ModgePodge’d the fabric down on the sides, adding more where needed to cover the frame.

This whole Modge Podge process reminded me of elementary school where you put glue/paste all over your hands and then peel it off.

Step 4 – Attach the ends of the fabric to the back so that it looks “finished”

Step 5 – Cover the whole darn thing in ModgePodge!! This will seal in all of the little threads from the fabric scraps and give the entire thing a nice shine.

At this point I *could* have been done…but that wouldn’t really be like me. And I did have some ribbon and glitter out, but where would I be crossing the over crafting line? I decided that glitter was the line. So I added a strip of ribbon down the right side and a bow.

Step 6 – ModgePodge on some ribbon for an accent. And then whip up a simple bow.

Now of course I couldn’t rely on the MP to keep my simple bow together so I busted out my trusty needle and thread for a quick couple of stitches. Just enough to hold it in place. I left the thread exposed, but purely because I didn’t have anything to put over it. Project for another day?

Step 7 – Bust out the hot glue gun!! Again I needed something a little stronger than MP to attach the satiny ribbon to my frame so I brought in the heavy duty reinforcements.

Step 8 – Have a cute little girl make a picture to put inside 🙂

My daughter claimed this frame from the second I started working on it. It now lives up on the shelf in her room where she can see it every day…with her Disney memorabilia.

This whole project took me under an hour, even with multiple stops to tend to my midgets and having to shoo them away from the hot glue.

I can’t wait to grab some super cheap frames from Goodwill and use up more of my scraps of fabric and ribbon! What do you do with your scraps?