A Dream Come True


Last weekend was AMAZING!

A) I got to spend some much needed time with some of my #PinkPeople! Atlanta is pretty spread out and many of my friends live ITP (in the perimeter) so between jobs, kids, and various commitments meet ups are tough to schedule. We made sure to make the best of our night before the crazy work began.

I ordered a Corona...it was a double!

I ordered a Corona…it was a double!

My friends had never done Washington Apple shots...they can't say that now!

My friends had never done Washington Apple shots…they can’t say that now!

B) We raised oodles of money for the Greater Atlanta Affiliate of the Susan G Komen!! As with any event there were ups and downs, but overall we had a great Race! The rain decided to hold off until after we were done and cleaned up. So awesome participating in this event as a committee member. I can’t wait to get involved more. I am still working on getting some great pictures to share.

C) I GOT TO MEET QUEEN ELSA AND SNOW WHITE. *Squeal* As a Co-Host of Greetings from Storybrooke (A Once Upon a Time fan Podcast) this was huge! I knew that Elsa would be there, but then when I saw her show up WITH Snow White I was overwhelmed. Snow White has always been one of my favorite princesses and is probably my favorite character on OUAT! Then Sunday night was the season finale of OUAT and they introduced ELSA in the finale scene as a major character for next year. My heart was literally beating out of my chest. (Feel free to catch our episode about the finale HERE .

So awesome!! I wonder if this weekend can beat it? I have to clean 😦



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