Meet Queen Elsa – Atlanta


If your kids are ANYTHING like mine they would give their right leg (and maybe the left) to get to meet Queen Elsa from Frozen. Well if you live in the Greater Atlanta area I have some inside information where you can meet her on May 10th!

Queen Elsa

This year Queen Elsa is donating her time to the Susan G Komen Foundation’s Race for the Cure! On May 10th she will be appearing at Lenox Square taking pictures and signing autographs while helping to raise money to fight breast cancer. She will be hanging out in the KPMG Kids Korral where there will also be games, prizes, crafts, and face painting!

This year the Greater Atlanta Race for the Cure has taken on the “Do You Tutu?” campaign…I wonder if I can get Elsa to wear a pink tutu??


So be sure to register for this AMAZING event and come help us kick cancer’s booty…and get a picture with ELSA!

nat. spon



Full Disclosure: I am the Co-Chair for the KPMG Kids Korral and I REALLY want to see you all on May 10! Also, Elsa is from Dream Friends Entertainment and is donating her time. We are THRILLED to have her with us!



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