My Stitch Fix Addiction (Seriously!)


Have you heard of Stitch Fix?? If you have then you understand my obsession…and if you haven’t be prepared!


Stitch Fix is a service that puts together 5 pieces of clothing or jewelry (I’ve even heard of some people getting handbags recently!) based on your personal Style Profile. And this Style Profile isn’t just 10 questions about what colors you like, it is lengthy and involves pictures and places to include links to your Twitter, Pintrest, and LinkedInImage


Now when you go ahead and schedule your Stitch Fix it will cost you a $20 Service Fee, BUT if you choose to keep anything from your Stitch if will be applied to your purchase! And you don’t have to keep everything…whatever you have chosen not to keep just throw in the prepaid shipping bag and return within 3 days. Of course you might want to keep everything and if you do you will get 25% off your purchase! Sometimes if you only want to send one (or even two) things back it actually works out cheaper to keep everything because of this!

**If you choose NOT to keep anything you will still have to pay the $20 Service Fee…but you are going to keep SOMETHING**


Now let’s take a look at what Christmas (aka Stitch Fix Day) looked like for me!


It’s even a pretty box! Please do not mind my ugly nails! I obviously needed a manicure this day.


And everything is wrapped up like a present! I’m telling you CHRISTMAS!


Nothing in my house has ever been folded this neatly before!


Look at these amazing styling tips! Now I just need a shoe delivery service 😉

First up was a beautiful necklace…but it was gold! I don’t EVER wear gold and I indicated that I am a silver girl in my profile. I was quite upset by this. Don’t get me wrong, it is a pretty necklace, but they didn’t listen to me. I was discouraged…but there were 4 more things to look at and try on.

41Hawthorne (Stitch Fix’s brand) – Cubes Arc Necklace – $32.


Next up was a sheer sleeveless blouse. Now THIS is what I was hoping for! Something I would never pick for myself, but that I should. I was a bit hesitant at first (which you can probably tell from the HORRIBLE pictures below!) but my husband said it looked nice on me…and I thought that it wasn’t too bad with my gray dress pants. I set it aside to my maybe pile

Olive & Oak – Arynn tie Back Chevron Print Tank – $44


Another maybe…I loved the dip-dye and the light sweater feel, but I just couldn’t figure out if the cross in the front looked good or made me look preggo! NO ONE wants to look preggo when they haven’t had a kid in 2.5 years! I left this one up to the Facebook Universe to help me decide.

Renee – Rosenberg Dip-Dye Cross-Front Top – $48


Now THIS!!! The second I pulled it off the pile I declared it as my own! It is a light sweater material (perfect for Atlanta!) and is olive green and black which looks lovely with my complexion. I think you can tell by my smile below that I was happy with this tank. I didn’t care how much it cost!

Chris & Carol – Jericho Striped Knit Tank – $28 (the cheapest thing in the box! SCORE!)


Next up was a maxi dress. Now I like a maxi, but as a short lady (I’m only 5’3) maxi’s do not always work on me…I also struggle with styling them properly! This dress, however, was so soft (can you tell I like soft things?!) and I adored the pattern. Sadly, this dress got thrown in the Go Back pile real quick because it has two giant slits which would not be work appropriate and that is what I was hoping to get out of this first Fix. On my feedback form (I ADORE that you can give specific feedback!) I told them that I loved the dress, but it just wasn’t what I needed at the moment and since it was the most expensive item in the box I couldn’t bring myself to keep it. I was sad. I wanted it for date night with hubby. Now just wasn’t the time

Angie – Schmitt Mixed Chevron Maxi Dress – $77


In the end I kept all 3 tops. I have worn them all multiple times including to Portland for my first professional conference and that is really what I was shopping for this month. All 3 shirts traveled AWESOME! Minimal wrinkles! I cannot wait to see what comes in my next box on April 2…that’s right, I pulled the trigger and set up monthly deliveries! I need work clothes! You should see how bad I look today…on second thought you shouldn’t!

The numerous Stitch Fix links around this post are referrals. Every time someone signs up through my link I get $25 into my personal account to buy more clothes and goodies! By supporting me through these links I will A) be ever so grateful and B) continue to post my fixes for you to enjoy!

Full disclosure: Stitch Fix has no idea I am writing this post. I am receiving NO additional compensation from them other than the referral credits. All opinions are very much mine. And I am a very happy customer!!!

Have a great day!!!

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6 thoughts on “My Stitch Fix Addiction (Seriously!)

  1. I’m intrigued, but when I get down to the style types…I have no idea what counts as boho chic or what have you. Can’t they just have “bring back dresses and skirts from the 40s and 50s as an option”? Hah!

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