Tweet A Coffee Coolness


In October 2013 Starbucks launched an amazing program…Tweet-A-Coffee. You could literally send someone a Starbucks gift card via tweet! By simply typing “@tweetacoffee to @________” they would receive $5 gift card. Or you can go to the Starbucks website and Tweet-a-Coffee from there and include a little message. I have yet to participate in this awesome program on either the giving or receiving end I completely plan on doing so in the near future! It is always nice to say Thank You with an amazing coffee! In fact I can think of no better way to thank my readers than to send one random reader a coffee! I think it will even be a Christmas present! To enter please leave a comment on this blog with your Twitter handle and your favorite Starbucks blend. 

Talk soon!
Anne Marie


DISCLOSURE: This post is purely my own awesome opinion. I am getting nothing from Starbucks. I am just an avid fan who thinks this program is cool and wanted to give away a gift card. 


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