What to do with a Golden Acorn Squash?


The Goal

Doesn’t that look A-MAZ-ING?!?! While I was grocery shopping I found these awesome Golden Acorn Squashes…they are small, but since I can’t get my children to look at most veggies it was perfect for my husband and I. So I started scouring the Pintrest’s for recipes. There aren’t too many that where in my wheelhouse, but I found a way to cook them and went with it. AND since your whole meal can’t ever just be squash (I mean, I guess it could, but you would have to be eating A LOT of squash) I made some baked chicken and baked sweet potatoes. This was like fall on a plate!!

food: phase one

So, first I attempted to gather my ingredients and preheat the oven to 400 degrees. Obviously my picture is missing oil and spices…what is because I usually just start grabbing things and forget to take pictures…take heart it was only salt and pepper this time.

So I prepped my sweet potatoes almost a la crescendoh.com! I discovered her method of baking potatoes and cutting X’s into them instead of violently stabbing potatoes with a fork and I am not looking back.  I have never had so much luck. HERE is the link to her potatoes.

This sweet potato's days are numbered!

This sweet potato’s days are numbered!

So I place them in an olive oil sprayed baking dish while I prep my chicken. Basically place the chicken (I prefer thighs) in the baking dish, sprinkle olive oil on them and then throw some salt and pepper on top. SIMPLE is the name of the game!

oil up the chicken!

oil up the chicken!

So after the chicken and potatoes are ready I pop them in on the lower rack and set the timer for an hour. Then prep the squash. Now, I had every intention of making my squash in pretty little rings like seen HERE at Life Like Art, but I am humanly incapable of cutting it that way…I can’t figure out why!  So I chop mine in chunks and cook it a little longer than the recipe states.

Acorn squash halved and gutted.

Acorn squash halved and gutted. 


Chunks of squash

Chunks of squash

See…they may not be pretty rings, but they will be tasty bits! I also spray these with olive oil and a lil salt and pepper…I am a creature of habit if nothing else 🙂

Set a different timer for 10ish minutes (since you have the one going to the chicken and taters!). Go get a cup of coffee. When the first timer goes off flip the squash. They should be slightly browning on the bottom side. While you are in there give the chicken a poke…just so it doesn’t feel left out. Reset your timer for 15 minutes.

Everyone is all toasty in there. Snug as a bug in a rug.

Everyone is all toasty in there. Snug as a bug in a rug.

When your second timer goes off check the squash. If it is perfectly squishy pull it out. If not give it another flip and come back in 5 minutes. This will give you time to finish your coffee!

Your squash SHOULD be done before the chicken and potatoes so when it is pull it out and place it in your serving dish. I then cover and set on the stove so that it retains the heat.

Squash in a dish

Squash in a dish yum!!! 

Finally when your big timer goes off pull out the chicken and potatoes. 60 minutes should be enough time, but it always depends on the potatoes!! Plate and serve.

It doesn't get much better! And yes, that is butter...many people allow butter on paleo so I am embracing it i nsmall amounts!

It doesn’t get much better! And yes, that is butter…many people allow butter on Paleo so I am embracing it in small amounts!

Now when this came out of the oven I was up against a time crunch…I had to go to work 😦 So I pulled out an old Chinese takeout container (Beef and Broccoli is darn close to Paleo!) and threw in my yummies before heading out the door. Just because you work in retail doesn’t mean you can’t eat gourmet!

I feel that this was a great way to use that unknown squash! Let me know what you think!


One thought on “What to do with a Golden Acorn Squash?

  1. I throw them in a plastic bag then spray olive oil , my salt and pepper and seasoning in so it gets well coated before I roast my squash… same for onions, peppers anything I want to roast. I think the spices gets mixed better … easier to clean up too…. less work

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