Halloween Crafts: Bat Bow

Adorable Bat Bow!! Super easy.

Adorable Bat Bow!! Super easy.

Isn’t this bow precious?? When I lived “up north” I never would have thought about putting my daughter in crazy or large bows…but when you move to the South you just have to. (It’s kind of like how I am freezing in my house and it is like 65 in here…seriously I am wearing a scarf!)

So anyway….in order to make this pretty little bow you first have to gather your simple materials.

My materials...don't mind the messy work station!

My materials…don’t mind the messy work station!

Today I used a piece of scrap fabric (maybe 2 in wide when folded over), coordinating thread, small foam bat from a Target craft kit, hairpin base, scissors, and glue gun. I wish I could give you better measurements on the piece of fabric I used, but I just grabbed some scrap. I will do better next time!

So the first thing you do is sew a pulling stitch. (Please keep in mind I am an uber beginner at sewing, so I don’t really know proper names of things…that’s why I use pictures!)

Make a pulling stitch.

Make a pulling stitch.

After you “sew” the entire piece of fabric pull on the thread so that the fabric starts to gather. This is going to let you give it some shape.

Complete the pulling stitch

After you have gathered the fabric mold it into a circle, or another shape if you feel adventurous! Once it is shaped sew it together so that it will not unravel. Mine is very sloppy…pardon πŸ™‚

Seal the Circle


You will want to also sew where the 2 edges meet/overlap and then flatten your flower looking object. Use a regular stitch here.

Again, pardon the sloppyFlatten the flower


Next, put a small dollop of hot glue on the back of you bat (or any other shape you have chosen) and press it into the center of your flower.
He had it coming!Β I'm a lil off center

Mine came out a lil crooked, but I did that to help cover my imperfections in the fabric. After that is cooled cut a small piece of coordinating scrap felt and hot glue it to the bottom side of your flower. This will make attaching to the hair clip easier.



Lastly, dab a little hot glue on your hairpin and attach your flower…voila! A quick and simple Halloween hairbow!

Attached!TA DASend me pictures of your hair bows! I would love to see them πŸ™‚ Happy Haunting!






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