Breakfast Recipe: Sausage and Eggs


Paleo sad moment: No more classic cheesey eggs. I have always loved cheese, put it is no more.

Paleo happy moment: More breakfast meats!

A few weeks after going Paleo my husband decided to join me. I was thrilled! Unfortunately that also meant I had to do twice the amount of cooking :-/ It has been a positive though because it forces me to eat breakfast every day and get in those healthy fats and stay full which equals less snacking which equals weight loss!

This week when I hit up Publix for my after work shopping bonanza I was rushed and a little stressed out, but I was still able to grab some new meats for us to try including these awesome kielbasi/sausage links!

Great new links I found at Publix!

Great new links I found at Publix!

I think they were even on sale…I almost exclusively buy things on sale or promotion 🙂

Now my breakfasts are usually pretty “What do we have? Throw it in a pan.” and this was no exception…

So I threw them in a pan!

So I threw them in a pan!

I threw them in a pan with a little water and covered with a lid. At one point I cut them in half to finish cooking because my husband has been known to have to throw them back into the pan for an extra minute…whoops!

While those were cooking I dug around to see what else I could find. I ended up with an orange pepper and a bag of sun-dried tomatoes.




More yum!

More yum!

So when my sausages were done I threw these in with a little water to start cooking them before adding the eggs. Only use a small amount of water and cook it off before adding your eggs, otherwise you have runny eggs. No one likes runny eggs. If someone says they like runny eggs they are lying to you.

Cook 'em up real good

Cook ’em up real good

Finally add your whipped up eggs to the mix (sorry no picture of this step, but c’mon you all know how to make scrambled eggs!). This is always a pretty quick step so keep those eggs moving! Burnt eggs might be worse than runny eggs IMHO.  When everything is done plate it pretty.

Plating is not my specialty

Plating is not my specialty


That's a little better

That’s a little better




Don't forget the coffee...or the rooster!

Don’t forget the coffee…or the rooster!

Make sure you have enough coffee to get through this entire 15 minute process…I drank one cup and brewed another during the process! Cheers! (We can cheers with coffee this early on a Sunday morning…any later and it would be Mimosas!)


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